Phil & Aubrey // One Year Later

About a month or so ago, I was asked by Phil and Aubrey to photograph a portrait session of them, but they wanted to do things a little bit differently. They have been married for a year now, but they wanted to have a portrait session similar to a "day after" session or a "trash the dress" session. I was super excited when they asked about it, and we had a lot of fun while shooting these photos. We took all of these in Indianapolis. I wasn't very familiar with the area, but Phil and Aubrey picked some killer locations. For most of the day, it looked like it was going to storm and rain, but it all held off, and we were able to get some really cool photographs. 
Phil and Aubrey are both incredible people, and it was such an honor to photograph them. They both work at different non-profit organizations in Indianapolis, and they are incredibly kind and generous people. I met them both in college, and it was great getting to re-connect with them and catch up on their lives. I hope you enjoy some of the photographs from their session.