Newlyweds // Personal

We just received our film scans back from the lab with all of the photographs from our honeymoon and first month of marriage. It's been a lot of fun going through all of the photos, reflecting on the last month and reliving some of the fun moments together. I have always loved shooting analog film, so we both decided to grab some Portra film for our honeymoon trip and the following weeks. It was my first time shooting with Portra, and I really couldn't be happier. The tones and colors all turned out so well. I've also been shooting a lot of film lately, and I've been experimenting with the way that I capture film photographs. I've really been enjoying all of the results. 
We both wanted to share some of the photographs that we've captured over the last month. It's been such an amazing month, and I'm so glad that I get to spend everyday with my very best friend. It's so incredible and marriage is a total blast! We are very, very blessed. Here are some of the photographs from the past several weeks. Enjoy.