An Afternoon at Home.

Bethany cracked open her Ovenly cookbook and made some of the most amazing cinnamon raisin scones. I can't get enough of her baking, so it was a great way to spend an afternoon. With so many weekends away during the summer, it's been really nice to spend some quality time at home together and catch up on some much needed rest.  We'd also like to give a big shoutout to Southern Girl Coffee for some of the best roasted coffee to compliment our scones today. Do you guys remember Brandon and Lauren from their awesome fall portrait session? Well, Lauren's sister has been in the process of opening her own coffee roastery in Oxford, Alabama. She sent us a pound of her Colombian blend, and we absolutely love it. If you're a coffee fan (and really who isn't!?), you've got to go check out her website. We captured some photographs from our time baking this afternoon, and we had to share a few with you all. We hope you're enjoying your weekend.