Brandon + Lauren // Portrait Session

A couple of weeks ago, I actually had a free weekend (which is crazy weird) and wanted to get out and capture some photos with my film cameras. Brandon and Lauren graciously offered to hang out for the morning and let me use them as my models. In addition to shooting film, I couldn't not shoot digital as well haha. I had to capture some portraits of them both together and at a couple different locations. I photographed them last fall as well, and it was a total blast. This time was certainly no different, and they were very patient with me as I was trying to some new things. Bethany and I can't tell everyone how happy we are that we got to meet Brandon and Lauren a couple of years ago. Brandon is currently attending the same graduate program as Bethany, and Brandon and Lauren both are from way down South (Alabama)...which means they have pretty much the coolest accents ever. Besides their awesome accents, they're just really great people. I can't tell you how many times they've helped Bethany and I in the past year, whether it was by moving furniture or having us over for U.S. soccer games. We're really happy to call them friends. Please enjoy a few of our favorites from their session. 


I also had to throw in a few film photos from our morning as well. I just got back the film scans this afternoon, and will be getting back some more next week. Shooting film is such a different mindset than with digital. It's always great when you get to shoot and try something that gets you out of your comfort zone for a bit.