Chris & Tori // Kansas City Wedding

About a month ago, Bethany and I had the privilege of photographing Chris and Tori's Kansas City wedding. It continues to boggle my mind that I get to capture weddings for a living, and it makes it even more special when it's for family. I remember growing up and spending the holidays with Tori and the rest of my cousins. I'm the oldest of all my cousins (not by much), but it's absolutely crazy to see everyone graduating high school, college, and getting married now. We seriously couldn't be happier for Chris and Tori. Marriage is a beautiful thing. It's days like this that remind us why we photograph. It's always about the people for us. Storytelling can be so incredibly powerful, and everyone deserves to have their story shared. Chris and Tori, thank you so much for allowing us to capture your special day together. You guys rock.