Quarterly Inspiration | Spring 2017

We're hoping to take more time sharing what inspires us and keeps us fueled throughout the year with everyone. Maybe you'll find it helpful, maybe you'll find something new, or maybe you'll just get to know us a little bit better. Bethany and I are always intrigued when we're able to get a behind the scenes glimpse into the lives of other photographers and creatives in the industry. It's been such a supportive community, and it relieves so much pressure when we realize that we're all in this together. Every quarter, we're planning to give you a peek into what we've been into lately. This will be a place for us to share what we're listening to, reading, and doing in our free time. It's what inspires us, it's what keeps us going and pushing ourselves as artists. Below are some of our favorite things collected over the past few months. 

Things we love lately

This photography project by Daniel Arnold capturing the strength and power of American women.
Soccerbible - A soccer, lifestyle print magazine that's pushing the boundaries of typical sports photography and design
The Shoot w/ Matt Day - a casual, informative podcast with interviews from several different film photographers. The host, Matt Day, used to work for The Find Lab and has a wealth of knowledge relating to film and photography in general.
Hometown Blend from Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters - We finally purchased a V60 dripper to make coffee at home, and we absolutely love it. We've been trying out several different coffee roasters and blends, and this Hometown Blend has quickly become a favorite in our household.


As a young family, we spend most of our time outdoors exploring new places with Levi, and it's always a blast getting to watch his eyes light up when he gets to try something new. Because he's growing so fast, we're always finding ways to captures those little moments with him - lately it's been with Impossible Project polaroids and Fuji Instax film. We're also planning on relocating to Indianapolis in a couple months, so we've been challenging ourselves to document more things around us because we know time is fleeting. Below are some polaroids and instax images from the past several months, it's always fun capturing photographs through different mediums. It keeps it interesting.