Keith & Elaine | Wedding Sneak Peek

I had the most amazing time celebrating with Keith and Elaine on their special day. I'm beginning to work my way through their photos and had to share a few quick ones with everybody. They both were Purdue University track athletes, so we even made brief pit stop on their wedding day at the track that they used to compete at for a few portraits. Cannot wait to get these in their hands. 


Matt & Janice | Elegant, Classic Wedding at the Historic Seelbach

We had the most amazing time capturing Matt and Janice on their special day. Their wedding was celebrated at the historic Seelbach Hotel in downtown Louisville - a hotel described by F. Scott. Fitzgerald, who was a frequent Seelbach guest, in his book The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald, along with several notable guests have stayed at this hotel, so needless to say, it was an incredible experience to visit, photograph and celebrate the marriage of Matt and Janice.  Their wedding was an elegant and classic event. Stunning dresses, classy tuxes, illustrious decor, and a champaign toast during the ceremony. It was a beautiful day, and we're so happy to have been a part of it all. We've really been so blessed to know both Matt and Janice during our time living in Terre Haute. They're amazing, kind, and genuine people. We couldn't have been any happier for them both, and we're excited to see and hear where this life begins to taken them. 

louisville skyline
seelbach hilton hotel
hotel entrance
gatsby's on fourth
bridal suite
wedding dress
wedding shoes
wedding rings
bride's hair
hair stylist supplies
bride getting ready
bride makeup
makeup artist
the oak room
groom hanging out
groomsmen talking
groom talking
groom sitting
groom standing portrait
groom looking out window
groomsmen at seelbach hilton hotel
groomsmen fourth street walking
groomsmen standing at seelbach hotel
bride getting in dress
zipping up wedding dress
bride final touches
bride in wedding dress
bride in bridal suite
bride in mirror with bridesmaids
bride at seelbach hilton hotel
bridemaids seeing bride in dress
bride on wedding day
bride in wedding veil
first look waiting
bride walking down steps
wedding first look
groom seeing his bride
wedding first look kiss
bridal portraits side by side
groom kissing brides cheek
bride laughing
bride sitting in wedding dress
bride in window light
bridal bouquet
bride and groom in window light
bride resting her head on shoulder
bride and groom looking at each other
groom kissing bride
groom and bride kiss
grand ballroom
groom waiting
bridal party walking
bridal party walking
bridal party walking
bridal party walking aisle
bridal party aisle
ring security
flower girls
bride walking down aisle
bride in aisle
groom's reaction
father of the bride
wedding in grand ballroom
wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony
bride smiling
ring security
groom smiling
first kiss wedding
wedding recessional
wedding recessional
wedding kiss
hugging bride
groomsman smile
bridesmaid smile
wedding contract
bride wedding contract
cocktail hour
cocktails talking
wedding guests
wedding guests talking
cocktail bar
table centerpiece
wedding flowers
reception plates
wedding cake
wedding cupcakes
cake decorations
cupcakes chocolate
place seating decor
reception seating
recption guests
husband and wife entrance
father of groom toast
cutting cake
cake cutting wedding
reception cake cutting
maid of honor toast
best man speech
first dance
wedding slow dance
bride spinning
bride groom dance
father daughter dance
guests dancing
guests reception
bride and groom dancing reception
anniversary dance winner
best man dancing
dragging shutter dancing
groom dancing
wedding dancing
ringbearer dancing
guests dance
wedding reception dance and lights